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  1. F

    Stihl 064 coil

    I have a stihl 064 ,i beleive its an 064 with a coil I cannot identify. I'm not sure it's the right one for my saw. I have two pictures right now but cam get more to help identify. Thanks.
  2. slackinoff

    Flywheel Idea

    I wanted to try something as an experiment and fun. The 61, 268, 272, ect saws all seem to be just a bit sluggish on revving up and also down. Porting and ignition timing has helped on mine yes. But compared to my other saws it's not nearly as snappy. Watching videos, these all seem to be a...
  3. BonScott46

    OEM Stihl 064 flywheel rough casting

    Brand new OEM 1203 flywheel, is this anything to be concerned about?
  4. K

    Flywheel Magnet Colour

    Hello all, I've been offered a used flywheel for my trimmer. The original wheel's fins I broke off cause i didn't tighten a head bolt properly. :( But I see that one of the magnets on the used wheel has a blue colour. The other just has a lightly oxidized brownish appearance. Both magnet...
  5. Stump Shot

    Husqvarna 2100 SEM missing pawl replacement

    Faced with the problem of a missing pawl on a SEM flywheel. Only the spring and pawl being still available as replacement parts. The stud is nla. Figured I would see what else could be found to make it work again. Dug through my bolt bin and found what I believe is a stud from a 2 series of saw...
  6. Beavis331

    WANTED 395xp Flywheel

    looking for a flywheel for a 395xp! Whatcha got?
  7. arthur hoffmann

    After new part installation machine will not start

    On my Craftsman with a Briggs & Stratton motor which the part number is 31C707. The customer called and said that the motor would not start and then acted like a dead battery I went and looked at it I had to pull the flywheel off because of the noise I heard when I took the flywheel off half of...
  8. force10powertools

    Husqvarna 266xp crankshaft taper issues??????

    Hello Folks Firstly, Nice to meet you all and apologies for being the new guy who comes crashing in on your forum with a tech question. So, picture the scene, you're a power tool repair guy by day and saw collecter by night. One of your friends see's you working on a saw one day and asks if...