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  1. D

    What is this wood? New Zealand

    Hey guys, Any ideas on what this wood is? I'm in the South Island of New Zealand. Was pretty sure it was macrocarpa but my neighbor thinks it might be gum. Has been down for about 5 years. Using my Husqvarna 450 to slice it up!
  2. A

    Firewood channel.

    Hello friends, my name is Allar and i have a CAD :D Thought i'd share my channel with ya'll, nothing fancy just some basic firewood stuff. Mostly felling, limbing, bucking, hauling etc. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2tE83xwuRK5HMmeghmVZLA
  3. A

    Let's swap some funny woodcutting stories

    I had been a firewood cutter for years and had always wanted to get a dump truck to save on work. Years ago when I finally got one, a 68 Ford single axle with a 2 1/2 yard bed. I threw on some wood racks and went down to my neighbors and him and I started cleaning up a mess a logger had left in...
  4. jacob j.

    The forestry and logging pictures thread

    Most of us work outside, or have in the past, or do when we get a chance. I figgered we need a thread to post pictures of our outside activities, or just cool pictures of work in the woods. This picture hung on Saw-King's wall for years- I think it's one of the Rondeau brothers circa about...