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  1. NPKenny

    WANTED Stihl 066 MS660

    I’m looking for the following parts for a Poly flywheel 660: PTO side case 1/2 Tank handle Air cleaner / carb post Possibly a coil Please let me know what you have. I’d be happy to do some trading.
  2. 066 redeye

    Case Halves

    Using different case halves (066 small tank).YES/NO/PROBLEMS. Main AV mount broken on original. Cheers,Chris.
  3. michaelmj11

    Chainsaw Case/Box/Container for Large Saws

    I have seen a number of posts from people looking for a case or container in which to store/transport their larger chainsaw. Most of the answers were that there really were not any good options; so I did a little research (probably too much) and discovered that Jonsered apparently makes the...