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  1. Cooper264


    I heard somebody make a joke about a snap-on scanner working on mtronic and autotune and it got me thinking. What kind of tuner or computer software and cables do you need to play with the autotune and mtronic carbs on the newer saws? It is clear that we are moving into a new era of chainsaws...
  2. Stump Shot

    One more way for the 550 to die

    Had a 550xpg come back in locked up, seamed odd for the amount of use it saw. Upon disassembly it was discovered that a tiny screw had found its way into the cylinder. You can see it as I found it in this picture. It took a little bit of detective work to find where it came from. I...
  3. F

    Auto tune or Mtronic

    Has anyone been in the position to compare the internals of an AT and an MT saw with for example 2000 hours on each, that would be 25 hours a week for 84 weeks. Just curious if one system gives a cleaner top end than the other. Probably not many will be using two similar saws doing similar...
  4. C

    Husky 545 Autotune question about firmware update

    My 4 year old 545 overheated and scored the piston and cylinder. My dealer suspects it was due to the air intake area being clogged. I cleaned everything up and installed a new piston and cylinder. Do I need to get a firmware update for the auto tune carburetor before using it or should I...
  5. quattro90

    SOLD Husqvarna 545

    Husqvarna 545 fully rebuilt from the crank up with all NEW OEM parts. Cylinder, piston, ring, bearings, seals, case gaskets, lines, filters, clutch drum, oil worm gear, .325/7T sprocket, spark plug, etc. Pressure and vac tested 100% using OEM Husqvarna block-off plates. I have video of it...
  6. quattro90

    SOLD Husqvarna 545/550XP Cylinder

    Husqvarna 545/550xp cylinder in excellent condition no transfer, scoring, or other damage. It still has the cross hatching in the cylinder from the factory. P/N 577 76 47-06 Also fits Jonsered CS2252/2253 $60 Shipped