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  1. jurchybald

    562xp stuffers play

    Hello, My 562xp has less than 50 hours on it. Tear it down for port job and found loose crank stuffers. Cant upload a movie but on cluch side cage has like 1mm left and right movement. Should I change it or leave it? I've read some opposing threads about it. Thanx
  2. WoodsliverDan

    Husqvarna 550xp bearings

    Hi all, looking for information on the 550xp pto side bearing. I know there has been an update (or 2?) since the 550 and 562 has been released. I am looking at bearings and see both the 525 43 42-01 and the 525 43 42-03 bearings listed for the clutch side. Which one is the one I want? They are...

    NEW Jonsered CS2260 !!

    Got a great deal on the saw new so bought 2 of them. Would like to see what favorite 60cc saws you have or prefer. This one is mine. Now , if anyone would like to share their experience or opinion on this saw I would like to welcome it and maybe get some good info.
  4. Kensie1988

    SOLD Early model 562xp project

    i bout this with the intention of fixing it and it has sat in the box since I got it, it will be shipped in the box I got it in lol. I don’t know much about it, I know that it was taken apart, presumably for something that happened to the chainbrake since it’s missing, not sure though, piston...
  5. GCJenks204

    SOLD D009 Tsumura Bars

    I am putting up two Tsumura made bars. First is a 20" 72DL 3/8 .050 gauge Total branded reduced weight bar. Second is a 16" 60DL 3/8 .050 gauge Jonsered branded RSN bar. Neither have touched wood, the Total has been mounted. As I have put my 562XP up for sale I won't be needed these bars...
  6. Kensie1988

    WANTED Husqvarna 562xp parts

    I'm looking for a husky dealer I can order some parts for, decals, Vibration Isolation springs, possibly a new clutch cover.
  7. jacob j.

    SELLING Husqvarna 390xp and 562 with xtra P

    Ok guys- I got two freshly rebuilt saws for sale or trade. Both were completely gone through by myself, a proud graduate of Stihl Icademy and the Haitian Institute of Beauty and Technical Massage Therapy. The 390XP: This one resulted from a lot of trading with members here. This one ended up...
  8. jacob j.

    WANTED Seeking- Husqvarna 562 or 555 carcass

    Hey Guys- I'm looking for a 562 or a (preferably) 555 carcass. It can be in various stages of disrepair or a running saw. I have cash or other saws to trade, including a freshly rebuilt 390XP. Thanks!
  9. logeeland

    Husqvarna 562xp Case Crank Replacement Question

    Is there a way to tell by looking at the saw if the bottom end of the 562 was replaced? The seller says it was done by Husqvarna. I have seen them rebuilt, the color of the crank case gasket was green, but if it was a full factory replacement I would assume they would be black or grey. Any...
  10. Tpagel

    FOUND IT Husqvarna 550xp or Stihl 261CM

    Guys, I'm wanting a Autotune/ M-tronic saw, I use 50cc saws the most so I was thinking these 2 saws. I guess a 562 would do as well but I handled a 362 at the dealer and just didn't seem that much smaller than my 372.... I have ran a regular 261 and it had more power than the stock 260 I have a...