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  1. Stump Shot

    One more way for the 550 to die

    Had a 550xpg come back in locked up, seamed odd for the amount of use it saw. Upon disassembly it was discovered that a tiny screw had found its way into the cylinder. You can see it as I found it in this picture. It took a little bit of detective work to find where it came from. I...
  2. quattro90

    SOLD MMWS Jonsered 2253

    FS Jonsered 2253 with the MMWS treatment. The saw has less than 1 hr of runtime according to the dealer who updated the carb software in Sping 2019.if you’re not aware of this model it’s identical to the 550xp MK1 but just in red. $750 Shipped Paypal F&F to your door if you live in EST, CST, or...
  3. kingOFgEEEks

    FOUND IT Bad 550 XP carb

    I have a good carb, but the knucklehead who took my 550 in a box apart, lost the linkage and springs that connect the strato butterflies to the main butterfly. I don't want to tie up $100 into a new carb, so I'm hoping someone has a known bad carb, and wouldn't mind sending it my way. I have...
  4. WoodsliverDan

    Husqvarna 550xp bearings

    Hi all, looking for information on the 550xp pto side bearing. I know there has been an update (or 2?) since the 550 and 562 has been released. I am looking at bearings and see both the 525 43 42-01 and the 525 43 42-03 bearings listed for the clutch side. Which one is the one I want? They are...
  5. quattro90

    SOLD Husqvarna 545

    Husqvarna 545 fully rebuilt from the crank up with all NEW OEM parts. Cylinder, piston, ring, bearings, seals, case gaskets, lines, filters, clutch drum, oil worm gear, .325/7T sprocket, spark plug, etc. Pressure and vac tested 100% using OEM Husqvarna block-off plates. I have video of it...
  6. quattro90

    SOLD Husqvarna 545/550XP Cylinder

    Husqvarna 545/550xp cylinder in excellent condition no transfer, scoring, or other damage. It still has the cross hatching in the cylinder from the factory. P/N 577 76 47-06 Also fits Jonsered CS2252/2253 $60 Shipped
  7. GCJenks204

    "Run Whatcha Brung" 50CC Shoot Out ?

    There was some banter in the video thread earlier about some past 50cc duels and some discussion of having some more. Is there any interest in doing something like this? I am not thinking any kind of specific build off, just a run what you brung kind of thing. Possibly at Dan's @paragonbuilder...
  8. exCanuck

    Prostituting for mo' Subs

    In order to buy your love, we are running a giveaway of a very special, popular, professional chainsaw. Read about the expensive Husqvarna Chainsaw Giveaway here. Subscribe to our channel at https://www.youtube.com/c/HLSupply "Me love you long time."
  9. exCanuck

    Complete Guide to the Husqvarna 550XP

    http://blog.hlsproparts.com/2016/09/complete-guide-to-husqvarna-550xp.html At the link above you will find the Husqvarna-550XP parts list with exploded parts diagrams. I hope it saves you some time.
  10. Tpagel

    FOUND IT Husqvarna 550xp or Stihl 261CM

    Guys, I'm wanting a Autotune/ M-tronic saw, I use 50cc saws the most so I was thinking these 2 saws. I guess a 562 would do as well but I handled a 362 at the dealer and just didn't seem that much smaller than my 372.... I have ran a regular 261 and it had more power than the stock 260 I have a...