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  1. slackinoff

    SELLING O-Rings & Oil Pump X-Rings - For Husqvarna & Jonsered

    Hi! Thanks for looking, prices are at the bottom. These are all Buna-N products, the o-rings, x-rings, and double lipped crank seals. I personally have had great luck with them on my saws and are very high quality. I have three kits available. See below in bold. Also take a look at the pics of...
  2. Lightning Performance

    WANTED 394-5 tank handles smashed or not

    The title says it all. Busted in half up front is also ok if you have the piece that broke off... if not I might still buy it for parts. PM me
  3. jacob j.

    WANTED Husqvarna 395 Flywheel, 20" bars

    Hey Guys- I need a good 395 flywheel and a couple of 20" Husky large mount bars in .050" x 3/8ths. I have cash or trade. Thanks!
  4. T

    WANTED 394xp cylinder

    I would like to purchase a very good used or new 394xp cylinder. I'm working on a 394xp for a friend... He loaned it out to a logger he knew and got it back trashed. I offered to buy it from him but He didn't want to sell me a saw that may have been a total loss so I offered to fix it up for...
  5. jacob j.

    SELLING Hooskenvarnen 394 (xtra P included)

    Hey guys- I'm putting up what will probably be my last high-top 394 ever. I got most of the carcass for this from a long-time member and slowly accumulated the remaining parts I needed for the build. I split the case on this a couple years ago and went through the bottom end with new Nachi...
  6. Lightning Performance

    WANTED 394 395 basket case or hammered

    Complete is betterer.
  7. jacob j.

    WANTED Husqvarna 394/395 crankcase (mainly PTO side)

    Hi Guys- I'm chasing a nice clutch side (PTO) crankcase half for 394/395 or a whole crankcase. I bought one off ebay but it turned out to have a wallowed out bearing pocket on the PTO side, which happens a lot when people run long bars and keep their chain too tight. I have cash or lots to...