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  1. Brown8417

    SOLD Husaqvarna 246

    I have a super clean near mint 246 looking to trade for a OE 372 or OE 346 must be in good condition. This is a full OEM stock saw. A powerhead for powerhead swap. This saw has very little time on it. Maybe no interest, will sell if no trade comes about.
  2. Brown8417

    FOUND IT No longer looking

    Looking for NIB 346xp OE or NE. Would consider low hours extremely clean saw aswell.
  3. timg

    SELLING NOS Husky, Jonsered Items

    I'll try and do this in a non confusing post. All NOS Parts Jonsered 510SP Nylon air filter 504-358115 $20 Jonsered 2145 Husqvarna 42,45,242,245,345,346 42mmX1.5mm Piston Ring 503-289005 $12-SOLD Jonsered 2041, 2045, 2050 Husqvarna 40, 45, 49 Brake Band 503-688501 $10 ea. Plus small shipping...
  4. timg

    SOLD Husqvarna Good Used 346 P&C

    These cyl's had light transfer that has been cleaned up without acid. Bores are clean with no heavy scratches or gouges. No broken//missing cooling fins, stripped holes, or mounting issues. The 346 piston has some carbon streaks and light scratches. It is not pristine by any means but very...
  5. F

    What saw would replace the Husqvarna 346

    Whats the nearest pro saw to the 346 Husqvarna currently make, was the Jonsered 2153 it's red cousin. I never had a 346, and see references to the 346 being 46cc others say 50cc, confusing. Would the Stihl 241 have the same capability as the 346.
  6. GCJenks204

    "Run Whatcha Brung" 50CC Shoot Out ?

    There was some banter in the video thread earlier about some past 50cc duels and some discussion of having some more. Is there any interest in doing something like this? I am not thinking any kind of specific build off, just a run what you brung kind of thing. Possibly at Dan's @paragonbuilder...
  7. Gravitas

    SELLING Makin' Space, Husky Evictions..ALL SOLD

    Too many fuggin' saws. Paypal F&F(preferred) or Goods and Services if you want to spend an extra 3%. Postal M.O., personal check if you care to wait, cash if picked up, whatever, I'm flexible. My no interest payment plan goes something like this, I don't charge any interest, you plan to pay...
  8. BonScott46

    Hyway 45mm Cylinder

    Picked up this Hyway 45mm cylinder with a meteor piston for a swap on a Jonsered 2152. I have little experience with cylinders and saws in general to be honest, am wondering about a couple things. There is a band of checkered material at the top of the bore from the squish band to about half way...