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  1. davidwyby

    HUSQVARNA 162 thru 272 parts swap meet thread

    Best I can recall from @afleetcommand and @Spike60 education, the chassis we are talking about here is the 162, 61, 66, 266, 268, 272...and Jonny counterparts are OK with me too. I am building some saws on this chassis, have been talking to some guys about parts, and had an idea for...
  2. Stump Shot

    Husqvarna 268xp and 272xp HD filter adapter prototype from HLSUPPLY

    @Gentleman asked me to review a prototype HD filter adapter (elbow) for him and here are the results... At first glance it looks really good. Let's get a little deeper and see what is if it's a goodie or not. The outside where it makes contact with the air filter is about .030" larger in...
  3. hseII

    SOLD Husqvarna 272xp Fresh Build

    272xp @Termitebuffet Split the cases & built with the following: • New meteor piston • New OEM bearings, seals, gaskets, carb kit. • Chain brake works. • Cut to set squish for no gasket: compression bump. Saw is in Asheboro, NC @ Zoo City Saws. It Possibly can be at the Mastermind GTG...
  4. Agrarian

    White Death Corrosion Experts Needed

    I got what I thought was a great deal on a Husky 268xp Anniversary edition (1989). From the outside it looked like the the saw had only been used a few hours - hardly a mark on it. I looked at the piston through the muffler before I bought it and it looked great. Paid $125 with a 20" ok bar...