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  1. ManiacalMark

    SOLD New OEM 064 P&C

    Brand new in original box, $275 + the ride
  2. jacob j.

    FOUND IT Stihl 066 flat-top cylinder cover w/compression release

    Hey Guys - I'm looking for a decent flat-top 066 cylinder cover with the hole/cut-out for the compression release. I'm building a period-correct short-case poly flywheel saw from the '96-97 era. I've got cash and trade. Thanks!
  3. jacob j.

    WANTED Stihl 064 or 066 brake handle

    Hey Guys - This is a long shot I know - I'm looking for one of the old 064 or 066 brake handles for the straight 3/4 wrap handle. The 064 part number I believe is 1122 792 9105, and the 066 one is 1122 792 9106. I have tons of stuff to trade and cash. Thanks!
  4. ManiacalMark

    SOLD Stihl 064 Crankcase

    This is a replacement 064 case (no serial number) in good condition. Cylinder and muffler mounts are M6. $100 shipped
  5. ManiacalMark

    SOLD NOS 064 Starter Cover

    $120 OBO brand new I found on a dealer shelf years ago.
  6. ManiacalMark

    SELLING USA-Madsen’s 064/066 3/4 wrap

    For sale or possible trade for other 1122/1128 stuff. Tank just for representation. Has Stihl handle grip on the main part and original USA grip whatever that stuff is. Has extra holes that were drilled in it and some old paint. Make an offer
  7. Saw_Squatch

    064 Spikes on 044? Smaller Double Dog setups?

    I'm looking for a more Eastern double dog setup for my 044, I still want double and preferably a roller chain catch but I just don't need big massive west coast spikes shortening my usable bar length. I had seen a few people say that the old 064 spikes were a good compromise and I've found some...
  8. sawtalk81

    friends how would you build your 064

    friends how would you build your 064 for professional logging other than the standard "woods" port? your thoughts friends
  9. Kensie1988

    WANTED 064 Cases

    Im looking for a set of good used cases, I will be having them re powder coated for a project.
  10. BonScott46

    Real world weights 036/361/064

    I am layed up sick so I decided to weigh muh saws for the betterment of society with bar/chain, full gas and oil...no pics so you guys are just going to have to take my word for it. Early 036 non-pro - 18 inch Oregon Prolite, paper thin empty can AM muffler, small inner dawg - 8kg/17.6lbs...
  11. quattro90

    SOLD Stihl 064 Builder Special

    Selling a builders special Stihl 064. Bosch coil w/ trigger unit (tested), Bing 49 carburetor, K&S cylinder, low top mag air filter, dual key Bosch flywheel, standard half wrap handle NOS, oil pump, and other major components. This package will include a bag with most smalls, i.e. brake...
  12. quattro90

    SOLD Stihl 064 Parts

    Just PM for additional details and pictures. All prices INCLUDE shipping to anywhere in the Continental US unless you are on the Left Coast (if you are on the Left Coast PM for shipping quote) I can only attach 5x photos to start, but just ask I have plenty more. SOLD
  13. BonScott46

    Tight worm gear on an 064

    I got an 064 with an OEM worm gear that seats unusually tight into the oiler and makes the clutch drum difficult to spin by hand. Seems to cause the chain to spin at idle until the saw warms up and it don't make it any easier to pull over, anyone have a similar experience? Ordered an AM...
  14. weedkilla

    Stihl 064, 066, 660 oem vs am rebuild

    Sorry for stupid long title, I wanted something that would come up in a search easily. My first 1122 series saw landed in my lap and as you guys have just had a good play with Chinese 660 copies I thought it might be a good time to start a thread. Dotted in dozens of different threads is...
  15. Armbru84

    SOLD Stihl 064

    Good shape 064 for sale. Saw is all OEM as far as I can tell. I ran 4 tanks through it, selling to fund another saw. $550 plus the ride. PayPal friends and family or add 3%. I put new fuel and oil caps on it a little while back. Any questions just let me know. Can add in bar and chain combo...
  16. Fullkip

    WANTED 394 pto case half wanted

    I need a 394xp pto side case half. One thats not chewed up by 100 chain throws , must have tight dog bolt holes. Have for trade 3120 Xp flywheel side pullcord cover. 3 stihl 064 jugs ... Fullskip
  17. Stihlkillstrees

    SELLING 1128 1122 stihl parts, 288xp, 056

    Have a lot of stihl parts, 064 066, some 046 and a few 044 parts. Have some 288 parts, crank, oil pump, gas tank, starter cover. 056 super parts I have a box full, I have a bosch coil do not have an SEM coil. Ask me I probably have it.