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  1. Paul Fithian

    Stihl 026 Red Lever Restore/Porting

    I recently acquired a red lever 026, SN 226032139. It appears this one is an early 90’s build from Virginia Beach Spent a bit of time to clean it up. All parts removed outside of the crankcase in the process. Crank bearings/seals smooth and tight. Aluminum transfer on the OEM Mahle cylinder...
  2. timg

    SOLD Stihl Good Used Cyl's 026,028,034

    These cyl's had light transfer that has been cleaned up without acid. Bores are clean with no heavy scratches or gouges. No broken//missing cooling fins,stripped holes, or mounting issues. Any questions or more pics needed just message me. PayPal goods and services as payment type. Fees and...
  3. Armbru84

    SOLD Very Clean Mofo 026

    Selling my very clean Mofo 026. Have a bunch of small saws and this one is super clean so I don’t use it a ton. Probably have 5 tanks on it since the work was done by Al. Wire mesh filter. PHO but have bars and chains if needed. $500 and the ride. I don’t see many this clean nor a Mofo version...
  4. hseII

    SELLING Zoo City Saws Ported 026

    Nice Zoo City Saws Ported Stihl 026 Pro $350 + shipping with Oregon B&C. $365 + shipping with New Stihl B&C. $300 + shipping PHO. I have a new Stihl 20” .325” 81dl with new Stihl chain also. $65 + shipping. Thanks
  5. hseII

    SELLING Sold Zoo City Saws Ported 026

    I had a hankering for an Mtronic MS261 so this Nice Zoo City Saws 026 is for sale. It does not have a decomp or Adjustable Oiler, however it oils the included 81dl/20” Rollamatic Bar & Chain very well; dare I say as good or better than the adjustable Oiler versions I have. That’s a new bar &...
  6. Armbru84

    SOLD Nice 026 tank and case

    have a nice 026 case and tank setup. Includes a coil, new oem air filter, new oem filter cover, vent, and anything else you see. Have a cylinder that I was told was oem but pretty sure it’s not I will add in as well. I also have a muffler I can add in for a little more if needed. Will add in a...
  7. Armbru84

    SOLD 026 Fuel Tank

    Have a nice 026 gas tank, vent, and boot. $40 shipped unless on the west coast. Will work something out on that. PayPal F&F
  8. D

    Stihl 026 not running

    Hello. So I have a Stihl 026 that wasn't running right and after my tinkering isn't running at all. And is now in pieces. Little bit of info on my chainsaw experience. I have none. I am however mechanically inclined and I have taken an interest in this saw. Here's what happened with the saw...
  9. Jimmy in NC

    Some people don't get it.

    I have a tree service that's been wanting an 026 to climb with when his ms200t isn't quite enough. I told him to stick an 18" on his MS360 and be done.. but he insists on an 026... OK. (I hate the 026 choke setup.) Well I finally found a clean low hour carcass and with help from DDave I have...
  10. D

    Stihl 026 - Carb set wrong but runs at correct rpm???

    Hey Guys, i have Stihl 026 i was doing up for a friend, passes all tests, vacuum/pressure of crankcase and same with fuel tank, all seems in good condition for its age, It has a Walbro wt194 carb fitted, new genuine repair kit, and main jet, My concern is with the settings of the carb, The low...
  11. Armbru84

    SOLD Nice 026 Red Lever

    Nice 026. Jug has a decomp but I plugged it. New OEM fuel line and filter. Also new throttle linkage. Put a nice air filter cover and top cover on it. Overall pretty clean saw. Has some etching by the clutch as shown but it’s relatively clean. Compression is 165 ish. Saw has fixed H carb on it...
  12. stihlpowersaw

    Stihl TS400 12 inch concrete/masonry saw ONLY 2 DAYS LEFT Free Shipping

    Stihl TS400 12 inch concrete/masonry saw available now at http://www.ebay.com/itm/292139363929?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 FOR ONLY 2 DAYS
  13. ShaggyClyde

    025 Big bore

    Is there a big bore kit available for an 025 or is there other piston options if i bore the 025 cylinder to fit a bigger saws piston.
  14. Armbru84

    SOLD Stihl 026

    Have a nice Stihl 026 red lever for sale. Put new buffers on it, AM caps and an AM piston & rings as I had one on my shelf. Saw runs great, starts good and oils good. Cut a few tanks worth of wood with it this weekend. Can set it up for either .325 or 3/8 chain. Looking for $250 shipped east of...
  15. Brewz

    Fitting a Husqvarna 246 Piston to a Stihl 026

    Hi Folks The idea of fitting a Husky piston into a Stihl has intrigued me since I was told about it when first rebuilding my 066. I never fully understood the theory of how it gave such good gains until I managed to wrap my head around it in the circle crank thread. Having decided to fit a...
  16. Grute

    Mean 026

    I am new here and wanted to share an 026 that was built up for me by Al (drf255). I approached him about building me an 026 or 260 that could work harder than the Little saw in its stock form. As an arborist, I rely on good equipment that does its work with ease and hopefully also leaves me...