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  • Hello, I have a question for you. I work at a small saw shop down here in Virginia. I have a customer looking for a 394XP flywheel and it looks like Husqvarna doesn't make them anymore. I wanted to see if by chance you had one and if you do would you mind if I gave my customer your phone number so he could order it directly from you? Thanks so much. Adam (Winchester, VA)
    Wouldn't go any richer than 40. 32 is just too much oil IMO. Of course, out in the real world,

    IMHO, before you decide on a oil fuel ratio you need to know how much oil is in the "specially formulated" oil. That is how much of it is oil and how much of it is additives that take up space in the can and does no lubricating.
    Husqvarna broken brake handle. Here is a photo of the part. I’m wondering if the brake is separate gr the clutch cover & can just be replaced.
    Hi Bob I’ve seen your videos and since 90% of my family lives around New York State I’d like to visit your store. I have a large collection of saws.
    Hello, saw your post from a while back about the Husky full wrap kit fitted to a Jred 2188. Would you be willing to order and ship a kit to me? I am about 90 miles away, zip is 12154, standard shipping is fine. Thanks! **also, I enjoy and appreciate the videos you and Walt do!
    Got another question for you bob. I have an oem thin ring piston for my j-red 630. It doesnt have rings tho. Is there a ring that will fit/work with this piston?
    Hey Bob Dale here. A couple members turned me your way. I'm lookin for a husky 357 for a friend and am wondering what the year or serial number brake is between the small wrist pin and the big pin is. I dont want to end up finding him an obsolete small pin saw. Thanks for any help you can give.
    Hey spike60. Xpslinger sent me your direction. Said you know all with huskie and j-reds. My boss gave me a good shape jonsered 630. He didnt know if its a "super" or not. Is there a way to tell without pulling the cylinder? Acresinternet says 3.1 hp for 630 and 4.3 hp for super. Same bore n stroke so whats the differance?
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