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Smokepole Black powder fans

Discussion in 'Outdoor Sports' started by P.M.P., Dec 1, 2016.

  1. FergusonTO35

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    Jul 9, 2017
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    Boonesborough, KY
    Real blackpowder is pretty much extinct here and I don't use enough of the stuff to make hazmat fees worthwhile. In any event if I'm going to that kind of expense and trouble I'm going to be shooting a sidelock. That said, I'm sold on Triple 7. My NEF shoots great with it, also I think you get more velocity per grain than with Pyrodex. 70 grains T7 shoots about the same in my rifle as 90 grains of Pyrodex. T7 cleans really easy too, just pouring hot water down the bore gets most of it out. I usually follow with one or two patches soaked in bore cleaner to make sure all of it gets out. Then, a dry patch and a coat of Bore Butter.

    I formerly used Pyrodex because it was all anybody carried. No matter what I did that stuff caused corrosion to happen. It seemed like the best you could do was just slow it down. Since I switched to T7 I have had no problems with fouling and rust whatsoever. I'm sure Blackhorn is good, but I'm so happy with T7 that I'm not going to pay almost twice as much for it.

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