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SOLD Stihl MS660

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Teh debil
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Mar 18, 2021
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Up for sale is a Stihl MS660. The backstory on this guy is I had a running 660 that was kinda cosmetically beat, and then a buddy acquired a bunch of 660 parts saws. I got a clean set of cases and an oem tank off of him, and I decided to install a new set of seals and a new set of bearings in the new to me cases. Seals were a/m, fw side bearing was skf/nachi/slacker generic and pto side was oem. I pulled the top end off of the running 660 and swapped it over to the nice cases. The saw has a newer Meteor piston in it with just a couple of hours of run time on it. It has a Maxflow setup on it since the original filter cover and filter were wrecked and I'm not a fan of the HD2 system.

Now comes the ugly bits. I had to raise the exhaust roof a bit to get rid of a small chip in the plating that was there when I got the saw. The top cover screw on the pto has a big ol' threaded insert to fix a wallowed out hole, the clutch cover had a bow in the mounting surface that I filed off and a few cracks, and the exhaust surface needed a little flattening too. Lastly, it needs new clutch springs, but I have an oem set I'll include that I never got around to installing. All that being said, it runs good and is all oem except for what I've mentioned. It'll also come with an extra Meteor piston kit I mistakenly ordered.

I'd like to get $500 + the ride, but I'm open to offers