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I have some random stuff that's taking up space. I'm sorry that this listing has no photos or prices, but if you'll bear with me below is a list the items that I have and if you're interested PM me and I'll provide more detail and get some photos and if you're still interested we can work out a fair price for the both of us (or feel free to make an offer). There is probably more, but this is what I can think of for now...
  • 028 Super cylinder - had a little Al transfer, but cleaned up very well
  • MS260 Pro air filter - used, but great condition
  • 084 - several NOS non-HD style filter bases
  • (2) MS660 baffles (oval part the air filter fits over) - SOLD
  • BR550/BR600 carburetor
  • BR550/BR600 ignition module (coil)
  • (2) 015 powerheads (1 mostly complete, but for parts; 1 complete & good condition, pops with a prime)
  • 1/4" chain (from one of the 015's) - I'd have to check if it's for a 12" or 14" bar
  • NOS 015 clutch side cover (small scuffs/scratches from years of shuffling around)
  • 040 powerhead, decent condition aesthetically, non-runner; good to harvest parts for a restore/rebuild project
  • Misc. 040/041 parts
  • Misc. 056 parts
  • S10/08 partial powerhead
  • (2) MS170/MS180 carburetors (I think at least one of them is new)
  • 075/076 clutch cover, missing all of paint on outer side - does includes bucking spike
  • 075/076 misc. AV buffers
Again, if you have questions or are interested in anything please PM me. Sorry for no pics or prices, but not knowing what interest level there would be I didn't want to spend a bunch of time taking & uploading pics or researching values of everything...

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