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walbro hd-12b

  1. slackinoff

    Issues with new Walbro HD-12B EPA

    *Moderators - this might be more appropriate in the clone section, feel free to move pls* Does anyone know if the Walbro HD-12B "EPA" has any differences from the non EPA version besides the limiting screws? This carb will not fully lean out, even with the high jet fully closed up (limiting...
  2. CoreyB

    Carb help please HD-12b Vs HD-12-1

    Hey guys quick question. I have a 372 that i am working on that needs a new carb. I can get a HD 12b from Husqvarna but through walbro I can get a HD-12-1 For almost half price. Is the hd-12-1 the same as the HD-12b Any clarification would be awesome @Poleman Do you know?