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  1. S

    Strunk SpeeDemon tillotson MD-77A carb

    I have a Strunk SpeeDemon Special that I'd like to get running but the carburettor is missing the air filter. I'm wondering if anyone would know where to get one or offer options on how to replace the missing filter. Are there rebuild kits for these carbs? Thanks Bill
  2. Definitive Dave

    Redfin Built MS661 meets the Bark Box

    This started when I posted a few pics of my Redfin MS661 on Facebook a month or so ago and some yahoo chimed in with his sage advice "it will be at least 10% faster with a Bark Box" or something to that effect. I noticed that the HP and power claims on the BB website had decreased after they...
  3. Stump Shot

    Tillotson HS carburetor saved from failure

    This Tillitson HS would not pass a pressure test at all after rebuilding with a Genuine RK-23-HS kit. After checking the usual suspect, the needle valve, it was obvious something else was amiss. Dunked it in a jar of water and bubbles were pouring out the impulse port. Took the cap off the fuel...