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  1. W

    Accurate and reasonably priced tachometer

    Looking for recomendations on an accurate and reasonably priced tachometer. Since I only work on my stuff, will only use it a couple of times a year. So it doesn't make sense to spend much on it. I found this Archer A523051 on Amazon and Ebay. Does anybody have experience with it? Any and all...
  2. G

    Best budget Tachometer

    Hi everyone What would you recommend as a good enough Tachometer for the saws in my signature. I have one that has a clip for larger spaces, works on cars etc, but it is too big to fit in around the cramped cases where saw plugs and leads reside. Has anyone altered a large clip type rpm sensor...
  3. GPX433Todd

    Best hand held tach for the $$$?

    I was wondering what you's guys use. I did a search with no results. So maybe this will be the official thread for digital tachs. Not looking to spend $100 on one, but do "need" one for curiosity's sake. What works and what did ya spend on it? Thanks, Todd