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  1. slackinoff

    Clone Brush Cutters / String Trimmer

    I have searched on here for info on these Farmertec / Holzfforma brush cutter clones they make on the Husqvarna 143R, 541R. & 226R. Did not find any threads on them......I think those models were never offered in USA. Just wanted to see if anyone had any experience with them, or info. Link...
  2. S

    John deere string trimmers

    Nvm. Figured it out.
  3. JB-PlantHeirloom

    PivoTrim - how to adapt the new POJ to replace the original

    PivoTrim - how to adapt the new POJ to replace the original The original PivoTrim is no longer being made (Oregon?) and as far as I can tell, you can not even get the small studs that hold the string. This leaves you with an inferior Chinese version. Not only does it not fit the Ryobi...
  4. Greengrub

    Should I buy a professional grade string trimmer or fix the old one

    I have a 128 ld string trimmer and it puttered out and won't start, if I keep pulling the starter chord it sometimes backfires out of the catbeurator. This is the second issue I've had with it this summer as I have been using it for work. Should I just say screw it and buy a 525l, another brands...