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stihl 362 cm

  1. Hjelle2002

    SELLING 2018 MMWS MS362 CM Like New!$ 800 plus shipping

    I bought this saw one year ago and had Mastermind Randy do his work to it. Saw literally has 6 tanks through it. I just don’t use it much and hate letting this sit in my garage. I’m selling without the bar just to make shipping easier. Selling for $800. Saw is practically brand new! If you have...
  2. CoreyB

    Middle weight power house Dolmar 6100

    When looking for a good middle weight saw what do you look for? Power, weight, easy starting, solid build quality, great air filtration, excellent fuel economy extremely smooth AV? Those are all things I look for. While looking for a do it all saw that can handle 24" plus hard wood I found...