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stihl 064

  1. ManiacalMark

    SELLING Stihl 064 crankcase

    Very nice shape, no serial number OEM replacement case. $150 shipped
  2. F

    Stihl 064 coil

    I have a stihl 064 ,i beleive its an 064 with a coil I cannot identify. I'm not sure it's the right one for my saw. I have two pictures right now but cam get more to help identify. Thanks.
  3. BonScott46

    SOLD Nice Stihl 064

    Looking to trade my 064 that I have had for several years. Saw came to me as a very low hour unit and I have put 20-25 hours on it since. No cracks, breaks or stripped screws. I have upgraded the following parts: Clutch drum kit (came with a spur drum) Unlimited flywheel Unlimited coil (used)...
  4. BonScott46

    OEM Stihl 064 flywheel rough casting

    Brand new OEM 1203 flywheel, is this anything to be concerned about?
  5. Kensie1988

    WANTED 064 Cases

    Im looking for a set of good used cases, I will be having them re powder coated for a project.
  6. S

    SOLD Stihl 064

    Stihl 064, needs a new piston and rings, comes with spare gas tank handle and winter air filter cover along with the factory one, saw is completely OEM Asking 325 plus the ride