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stihl 036

  1. Saw_Squatch

    Stihl 036 problem brainstorming

    So I've got a buddy of mine from work who found out I'm into chainsaws and he said he's got an original 036 (not the pro model) that he's having a hard time with. Chief complaints are hard starting and it'll run but not idle when warm. I haven't gotten to look at the saw yet but what's everyone...
  2. quattro90

    SOLD Stihl 036 PRO Builder: UPDATED

    Stihl 036 PRO builder complete minus crankcase and bearings. Comes with everything else needed to rebuild your 036PRO. Aftermarket parts are zama carb rebuild kit, meteor piston, caber rings, cross performance air filter. Jug is OEM MAHLE and will include original piston, but I had planned to...