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  1. jacob j.

    SOLD MMS Solo 665/681

    Hi Men - I have my Miller Mod Saws Solo 665/681 for sale. It was a new 665 that he bought when he was a dealer and then he built it up with a new 681 OEM top end. He emptied out the muffler and added a second outlet so the muffler is a hollow can now. The jug has been machined and ported. I had...
  2. Armbru84

    SOLD Like New Solo 656

    Have a like new 656 for sale. Got this saw new and have put 2 tanks on it. Randy did the muffler mod. Small pc of tape on the handle as I hit it and scraped the rubber handle. PHO but could add in a few chains of needed. I never see these for sale so not much to go on. $425 and the ride...
  3. Huskyslinger

    SOLO 680 Resurrection/ input needed

    Local saw shop was kind enough to throw me a bone! Following along with my theme of saws, this is the WestCoast version of this saw. So it will be built this way. BTW if any gents happen to have any spare parts laying around and want to part with some shoot me a message!
  4. Huskyslinger

    WANTED Solo 680 parts

    I know its a needle in the hay stack search but looking for Solo 680 parts. Let me know what you all might have stashed.
  5. Armbru84

    SOLD Solo 675/681 Reilly Built

    Selling my 675 that Reilly built. It has a 7910 cylinder on it that was bought new last year and doesn’t have a ton of run time on it. Since it has the 7910 cylinder it’s essentially a 681 minus the badge. Saw runs very well and I have won several races with it. Also ran it at Randy’s last fall...
  6. morefirewood

    FOUND IT Solo 681 crank

    Looking for a 681 or any other model that shares the same crank if anybody has a lead on one, thanks as always.
  7. jacob j.

    WANTED Solo 665 675 or 681

    Hi guys- I'm after a stock Solo 665, 675, or 681. I have lots to trade and cash. Thanks!
  8. Kensie1988

    WANTED Homelite 340 Parts

    im needing some parts for a Homelite 340, if you have any please let me know, a Solo 647 or 654 would also be welcome as they are almost identical!