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  1. Cerberus

    SELLING non-working / partial-project: 1977 Poulan 25d (and an early-80's, low 30cc's poulan to frankensaw)

    I cannot even imagine a price, neither of the units work.... I replaced fuel lines & fuel filter and plug on the one I intended to finish: 1977 Poulan 25d However I never got it to start, am confident it's just the carb, I'd back-burner'd it and a client gave me a non-running: early 80's...
  2. Pioneer

    SOLD IEL HC parts

    $20. Buyer pays shipping.
  3. jonnystihl

    SOLD MMWS 064

    This saw is built from all oem parts, ported by Randy. $1200 shipped pho to the lower 48.