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  1. Armbru84

    SELLING 20” Roller Nose LG Husky Mount

    Have a nice 20” 72dl roller nose bar for sale. Fits husky lg mount. Rails are dressed and bar is ready to rock. Nose is a Torrington and spins true with no slop or grit in it. .050 and currently would match an 8 pin. I can mod it to fit anything up to a prolly a 14 if the buyer wanted. Extra for...
  2. Armbru84

    SOLD 20” Roller Nose

    Nice 20” Roller Nose bar. Sabre brand. These were originally .058 but I closed the rails to .050. Tip rolls great and is no play or binding. Has had the tail drilled for a few different mounts but the slot is setup for 3003 Stihl. $90 and the ride. PayPal F&F or add 3%. Can make or supply...
  3. Lightning Performance

    WANTED Roller nose or wide nose tips

    1. Prefer a roller. Looking to custom fit one to a large bar for milling. My bars cross sections are 2.5" tall. 2. Also need wide nose 0.050 3/8 stihl. Yes, they made them. 0.058 or 0.063 also in 3/8 fattys. 3. 404 wide nose stihl in 50 58 63 4. Sprocket nose parts or replacement parts...