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  1. Definitive Dave

    Redfin Built MS661 meets the Bark Box

    This started when I posted a few pics of my Redfin MS661 on Facebook a month or so ago and some yahoo chimed in with his sage advice "it will be at least 10% faster with a Bark Box" or something to that effect. I noticed that the HP and power claims on the BB website had decreased after they...
  2. Armbru84

    SOLD Solo 675/681 Reilly Built

    Selling my 675 that Reilly built. It has a 7910 cylinder on it that was bought new last year and doesn’t have a ton of run time on it. Since it has the 7910 cylinder it’s essentially a 681 minus the badge. Saw runs very well and I have won several races with it. Also ran it at Randy’s last fall...
  3. jb-chainsaws

    SELLING Full Collection of saws

    I’ve been absent for the forum for the past year now, and in that time my life has changed quite a bit. I was once very keen on collecting rare/odd saws, but all they seem to do these days is gather dust. here’s the list: - British military green husqvarna 181SE with original case and...
  4. Bjorn

    Husqvarna 272 need’s help

    Hallo. My name is Björn and i am from Sweden. I have a problem With my chainsaw and would like to have your advice. The saw is piped and ported for racing and it runs good on gasoline. But When i try to run it on methanol and nitro the carburator dont deliver enougt fuel. Do anyone Know how to...