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  1. K

    HELP! Poulan 245a handlebar

    Hi guys im looking for a handlebar for the poulan 245a, I have a 306a handlebar but in need of the bigger handlebar
  2. K

    HELP! WANTED Poulan 306a

    Looking to buy a 306a from someone who can get one to the uk at a reasonable price Thanks This is so I can clear out my grandfathers backguarden so he can enjoy it again since it grew over and the trees have overgrown since my grandma died a few years back Also figured I'd knock out two birds...
  3. Maintenance Chief

    Poulan HYBRIDS

    @Ronie This will hopefully be a joint thread with Ron and myself, as we pretty much built these saws simultaneously and detailed the builds in PM.
  4. N

    3.7, 18" Craftsman (Poulan)

    Greetings, I have a 3.7 Craftsman 18" in bar and chain that I would like to install a 20" if possible because the current 18" bar and chain could use to be replaced. This machine is from 1984 so it's quite old. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Also I'm not sure if I posted in the...
  5. Cerberus

    [album] Can't get '82 Poulan 3200 running, air/spark/fuel all OK, suspect carb...

    "TL;DR"- album below basically shows where I'm at, got spark, air and fuel as far as the carb, unit has turned-over 1 time out of many scores of attempts, fuel is all new & good and no fuel-filter in place at the moment as that was last thing I tried "crossing off the list", and it did let fuel...
  6. DavidP71801

    Need help identifying NOS muffler Homelite? McCullough?

    This muffler was on a pallet of NOS parts I recently acquired there were McCullough, Homelite, Partner, Poulan, Pioneer, Shindawia, Echo, and Husqvarna parts so it could be any of them just wanted to see if anyone has seen one. I was thinking McCullough like maybe a cp125 or sp125 based on the...
  7. Kensie1988

    SELLING Various chainsaws for sale

    Red - Pending payment/Sold Blue - Pending (Someone asked for shipping but hasn't committed) I have a few chainsaws I would like to get rid of. I have my eye on a saw I would like to purchase so I am trying to liquidate some of my collection I don't use anymore. All of the prices listed below do...
  8. Kensie1988

    SOLD Want to Trade Never Fired Craftsman 5.2

    I'm reluctant to do this but after buying it I realize that I just can't have a shelf queen, it does have some shelf wear from being shuffled around in a barn where it lived in West Texas for over 30 years. I have more detailed pictures of the shelf wear and the small amount of surface...
  9. Kensie1988

    Budding Chainsaw Collection

    Hello everyone! I am new to this forum but I am really active in another forum, but I want to start building a good reputation over here also. Since collecting/overhauling chainsaws is my passion I thought I would start here by posting some saws that are part of my small and budding chainsaw...
  10. force10powertools

    SELLING Bigger workshop means less saws....... Yeah, work that out?!?!

    Evening boys and girls. Firstly, apologies for crashing in with a sales post after months of absence. i'm no forum pro but i know it's bad form. So, here's the thing.... My little business has outgrown its workshop again, whilst myself and the guys have been moving stuff here and there I've...