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porting question

  1. T

    Porting new saws vs used saws?

    Hello, I am new to the forum and have been poring through all of the porting threads. For some background, I work at a woodcarving shop and have used power tools most of my life. I have loved every thread, but I can’t seem to find anybody mentioning porting a new saw vs a saw that is broken in...
  2. Huskyslinger

    Porting a JRed 670 (little help please)

    Hello to all, new to this site, so I acquired a Jonsered 630 that came with a 670 top end. someone had started the work and give up, quit or was just a little in over their head. This is what I have so far; Squish is .024"/.025" Ex 102 Trans 123 In 74 The exhaust...