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ported chainsaw

  1. Firemoose4

    Anyone doing porting in Washington state?

    Looking to get work done on multiple saws, 395,394
  2. sawtalk81

    friends how would you build your 064

    friends how would you build your 064 for professional logging other than the standard "woods" port? your thoughts friends
  3. Dodger

    Modified 661 timing

    Recently ported my 661 and deleted the stock ignition anyone have any ideas on what I should be running for advanced timing deg.
  4. hseII


    Nice MS361 Ported by DRF256 last year. Very Good Saw, I need to move it to feed the Tax Man. $550 + Shipping PHO. I also have the wrap handle for this Saw if anylone is interested sans the elbow. @drf256
  5. tree monkey

    ported 288 husky for a guy named sue

    hope he likes it