High Quality Chainsaw Bars Husqvarna Toys


  1. jason689

    Saw collection

    Have a couple of my jonsereds missing right now. This is pretty much all the soldiers in one pic,Is there anything I should add to the collection. Before someone says some more stihl’s, just know that I am a collector of fine art.
  2. Agrarian

    Pioneer Mystery Bar Mount

    I just picked up three Pioneer bars having this odd (to me) mount that doesn't match anything I can find in the bar mount docs I have. The slot is 8mm wide. As you see, there are no holes drilled through for the chain tensioner pawl - it seems to be a combined oil port and tensioner hole that...
  3. DavidP71801

    Need help identifying NOS muffler Homelite? McCullough?

    This muffler was on a pallet of NOS parts I recently acquired there were McCullough, Homelite, Partner, Poulan, Pioneer, Shindawia, Echo, and Husqvarna parts so it could be any of them just wanted to see if anyone has seen one. I was thinking McCullough like maybe a cp125 or sp125 based on the...
  4. DrewUth

    SELLING Pioneer P40 and 1200A

    Got these saws in a trade, need to sell some saws off to pay for a new set of Ohlins for one of my Husky MX bikes. I haven't touched them since the spring and honestly I have no need to keep them around. The 1200a ran and cut well, started easily. I was told the P40 ran fine when I got it...
  5. B

    WANTED Pioneer 610 air filter cover

    I am looking for a top cover (air filter cover), for a Pioneer 610 chainsaw, or any other cover that will fit that model.
  6. Kensie1988


    So Ken pulled this one an asked me to list it for him, it's an IEL Model HC, it's definitely got some wear, and the IEL badge is missing, it also has had a dent/hole repaired which can be seen in the photos, The Saw does fire on prime. He's looking to get $125 plus shipping. If youneed better...
  7. jacob j.

    WANTED Pioneer P-35, PM Torpedo or Rocket K-1

    Hey Guys- I'm after a decent specimen of the Pioneer P-35. I haven't been able to find much in the way info on them- apparently OMC was developing a modern, lightweight, vertical cylinder saw at the time but unfortunately their chainsaw division was on the decline at the time and the project was...