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  1. martin1b

    Echo CS310 oiler - Can it be repaired?

    I purchased a used echo cs310 with bad clutch, sprocket and bar studs. Replaced all and could not get it to oil. pulled everything off again and saw this. I forgot to take a picture prior but the worm gear was broken and stuck in the plastic housing. I tried removing as much of the charred...
  2. WoodsliverDan

    Dolmar/makita 7900 oiler mod

    I've got an idea to help the 7900 saws get a bit more oil on the chain, or at least make the adjuster screw last a little longer. Most have seen @jar944 oiler screw he turned out of 6160, but I realize that it is out of many people's resources. So, I plan to remove the end nub off of the plastic...
  3. BonScott46

    Tight worm gear on an 064

    I got an 064 with an OEM worm gear that seats unusually tight into the oiler and makes the clutch drum difficult to spin by hand. Seems to cause the chain to spin at idle until the saw warms up and it don't make it any easier to pull over, anyone have a similar experience? Ordered an AM...
  4. jacob j.

    FOUND IT Husqvarna 3120 oil pump

    Hey guys- I'm building up a saw for a buddy and need a 3120 oil pump. I have cash or trade. thanks!
  5. Wolverine

    Husqvarna oiler mod

    Back story... bought my tree five seven new 2010. Cut 7-10 cord per season and ever since new I always felt the oiler was stingy. With it turned up to the max and the bar oil holes slightly enlarged I always used about 1/2 tank of oil per tank of gas. Well after a little research and some help...