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  1. Kensie1988

    SELLING Used and NOS Mall Saw Parts Lot

    Ken has a bunch of old used and NOS Mall Saw parts just about everything you can think of, but he doesn't know enough about Mall to know what everything goes too, he said there is NOS pistons, condensers, etc as well as other NOS items in boxes not pictured. He wants to sell everything together...
  2. Gravitas

    SELLING Makin' Space, Husky Evictions..ALL SOLD

    Too many fuggin' saws. Paypal F&F(preferred) or Goods and Services if you want to spend an extra 3%. Postal M.O., personal check if you care to wait, cash if picked up, whatever, I'm flexible. My no interest payment plan goes something like this, I don't charge any interest, you plan to pay...
  3. jb-chainsaws

    Stihl 044/ms440

    I actually posted this over on AS however i was invited to this site today so I thought I'd share it with you guys. Oh and Hi! I've been offered an 044/440 hybrid, built out of almost entirely brand new and all genuine Stihl parts. Here's the list: -Brand new 440 crank case, bearings...
  4. Jon1212

    SELLING NOS D176 guide bars.

    4X 16" 3/8 050 60dl (D176) Oregon 3 rivet Guard Tip aka Banana Bar. $35/Shipped. 1X 24" 3/8 050 81dl (D176) Oregon 3 rivet Guard Tip aka Banana Bar. $55/Shipped. 1X 24" 3/8 050 81dl (D176) Oregon 3 rivet Power Match. $70/Shipped. All included shipping is to the Lower 48 States. I'll give a...
  5. Jon1212

    SELLING 058 gauge Husqvarna guide bars.

    1X 20" 3/8 058 72dl (D009) Oregon TechLite, it has some scratches in paint from storage, but is New. $70/Shipped.(Sold) 1X 20" 058 72dl (D009) Total Super Bar hardnose NOS. $50/Shipped. 1X 20" 3/8 058 (EM/D005) 9.5mm slot, Windsor Speed Tip NOS. $50/Shipped.(Pending with a Greenlander, or some...