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  1. Stump Shot

    FOUND IT MS661 3/4 wrap handle

    Looking for a 661 3/4 wrap handle in decent shape. Have the new 1/2 wrap for possible trade scenario or cash buy. Thanks Steve
  2. M

    SOLD MMWS Stihl MS661 Full wrap

    I bought this off another member here thinking I would use my current 3/4 wrap 661 for dedicated chainsaw mill but that didn’t happen. This one has been sitting on my shelf after I ran 1 tank through it right after I got it. Email or pm me. Mkf350@gmail.com $1300 shipped ConUS PayPal F/F or...
  3. GCJenks204

    SOLD MS461 Arctics

    This is a saw that I sold once, shipped it away and then Canada Post / USPS handled it with great care. Case was damaged, currenly on its way to Randy to have the case half replaced and then will be available to be shipped to you. More updates to follow later in thread. PM with any...
  4. C

    24” .404 063 bar for Stihl 661

    Hey guys does anyone know of a source for a 24” .404 pitch bar for a 661? I have a few rolls of .404 RS chain and am currently running a Stihl 32” bar. I’m fine with quality after market, just have not been able to find one. 24-25 inch would be ideal, Thanks
  5. michaelmj11

    I think I have the pdf's for MS391/311 & MS661

    Just in case someone needed them.
  6. Redbull661

    The PRECIOUS has arrived! 661-R ARCTIC

    :zpong: :aaaaa: :borra2: :campeon2: :campeon: :banana: :beer-toast1: :elefant: