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  1. S

    Farmertec MS460 tuning

    I recently put a new hyway P&C in and can't seem to lean out my carb enough. I ran the saw on the original farmertec carb but had a caber ring fail that wrecked the piston and cylinder. I tried a meteor piston and cylinder first but there were issues with them the piston didn't fit in the...
  2. Jason628

    Ms460 is no spark...

    So I got a ms460 project that was a basket case. I ordered all the parts to get her back together. Saw came with several different coils. I cleaned up the saw and put it mostly back together but, can't seem to get spark. Threw a farmertec coil on it to get weak spark. The poly flywheel looked...
  3. S

    Farmertec MS460 Build

    Im waiting on the kit to arrive in a few weeks. Has anybody built this kit im interested if there are any parts worth replacing with OEM before assembly. Thanks
  4. JesseE

    WANTED MS460 & MS440 New OEM p/c kit

    Wanting a new OEM piston and cylinder kit for a stihl MS440 and one for Stihl MS460. Thanks
  5. Stump Shot

    SOLD Used Pro Saw's

    Up for sale are some used saw's recently taken out of service from an arborist. I have run all of them and checked the piston as well, they have not been serviced in any way and are to be sold as for parts or repair only. If anything special was found to be out of sorts, it will be noted in each...
  6. quattro90

    SOLD Stihl MS460/461 Rescue Kit

    Stihl MS460/461 Rescue Kit. $50 shipped in the Continental US not including anyone in the PST or International (will provide exact shipping quote.) PM if you have any questions!
  7. 460 magnum

    SOLD 009 sale or trade

    I have recently taken the saw apart to see what was wrong with is and it turned out the be more than I was want to deal with it needs completely rebuilt so it is being sold as parts $40+ S&H Would trade for case gasket and or seals and bearings for a 576xp and or ms460/ms461.
  8. quattro90

    SOLD Stihl MS460

    I just found a REALLY nice unicorn and I have decided to sell my MS460 Magnum. All OEM & very clean as I hope you can see from the pictures. PHO w/ dual spikes, roller chain catch, decomp plug, OEM HD filter and Stihl Pre-Filter band $635 includes shipping w/ insurance via FedEx Ground signature...
  9. B

    WANTED Ms460 or 046 cylinder

    Looking for an 046 or a 460 cylinder.
  10. Armbru84

    SOLD MS460

    Good shape MS460, all OEM as far as I can tell. Picked it up locally a few months back and have cut with it. Fires right up and runs/oils as it should. 150 compression, has the stihl OEM dogs and covers. Muffler port has been opened a little but internal baffles etc are all there. Comes with a...
  11. michaelmj11

    WANTED Stihl 461 or 460 in a box.

    I'm looking for a Really low priced 461 or 460, something that is going to need a bunch of work (and thus be REALLY low priced).