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  1. Stump Shot

    SOLD Woods Ported Stihl MS361 price dropped! Again!!! break on shipping!

    For sale a freshly ported MS361 Stihl, PHO $900.00 plus up to $50.00 towards shipping!
  2. S

    Stihl MS361 dies mid range (Australia) - help!

    Hi guys. I’m new to the forum and have joined to get advice on a problem with a Stihl chainsaw. I have 3 chainsaws: An old Stihl MS290, a Husky 445E, and a Stihl MS361. We live on a property at Bellthorpe (Australia) with lots of forest, fallen timber and trees, and firewood to cut etc, so...
  3. jrobie79

    Aftermarket Fuel Tank & Plastics - Stihl ms361

    I have an ms361 that I'm rebuilding, had the case powder coated and now I'm finally putting it together. My fuel tank is beat to hell, and I discovered a hairline crack, so I figured I'd replace it, with the plastic covers which are pretty much beyond being able to be R&R'ed. Anyone have...
  4. BonScott46

    Real world weights 036/361/064

    I am layed up sick so I decided to weigh muh saws for the betterment of society with bar/chain, full gas and pics so you guys are just going to have to take my word for it. Early 036 non-pro - 18 inch Oregon Prolite, paper thin empty can AM muffler, small inner dawg - 8kg/17.6lbs...
  5. hseII


    Nice MS361 Ported by DRF256 last year. Very Good Saw, I need to move it to feed the Tax Man. $550 + Shipping PHO. I also have the wrap handle for this Saw if anylone is interested sans the elbow. @drf256
  6. Armbru84

    SOLD MS361 Parts Saw

    Have a 361 saw I am looking to part with. Saw was running up to this morning but had an issue with the carb and once I tore it down decided to just sell it as parts. I do have a cylinder, piston, and carb if the buy wants but they will need a little work. Complete saw minus those parts. She...
  7. Wilhelm

    AM Stihl MS341/361 coils - YES or NO ? (Your opinions)

    The dad of one of my coworkers owns a Stihl MS341 which just burned up a second ignition coil. The original factory coil got swapped out about 4 years ago, supposedly with an OEM part at the local Stihl dealer. Coworker asked for alternatives so I looked up eBay and there seem to be AM coils...