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  1. BonScott46

    HELP! Tillotson HE-20 and HE-22 way too much tension

    Picked up two new tillys for my 036 and 361. Mounted the HE-20 on the 036 and there is wayyyy too much tension on the throttle plate mechanism. The throttle linkage is bending and the throttle plate opens less than half way when the trigger is fully engaged. Anyone else have this issue?
  2. Stump Shot

    SOLD Woods Ported Stihl MS361 price dropped! Again!!! break on shipping!

    For sale a freshly ported MS361 Stihl, PHO $900.00 plus up to $50.00 towards shipping!
  3. S

    Stihl MS361 dies mid range (Australia) - help!

    Hi guys. I’m new to the forum and have joined to get advice on a problem with a Stihl chainsaw. I have 3 chainsaws: An old Stihl MS290, a Husky 445E, and a Stihl MS361. We live on a property at Bellthorpe (Australia) with lots of forest, fallen timber and trees, and firewood to cut etc, so...
  4. jrobie79

    Aftermarket Fuel Tank & Plastics - Stihl ms361

    I have an ms361 that I'm rebuilding, had the case powder coated and now I'm finally putting it together. My fuel tank is beat to hell, and I discovered a hairline crack, so I figured I'd replace it, with the plastic covers which are pretty much beyond being able to be R&R'ed. Anyone have...
  5. BonScott46

    Real world weights 036/361/064

    I am layed up sick so I decided to weigh muh saws for the betterment of society with bar/chain, full gas and oil...no pics so you guys are just going to have to take my word for it. Early 036 non-pro - 18 inch Oregon Prolite, paper thin empty can AM muffler, small inner dawg - 8kg/17.6lbs...
  6. hseII


    Nice MS361 Ported by DRF256 last year. Very Good Saw, I need to move it to feed the Tax Man. $550 + Shipping PHO. I also have the wrap handle for this Saw if anylone is interested sans the elbow. @drf256
  7. Armbru84

    SOLD MS361 Parts Saw

    Have a 361 saw I am looking to part with. Saw was running up to this morning but had an issue with the carb and once I tore it down decided to just sell it as parts. I do have a cylinder, piston, and carb if the buy wants but they will need a little work. Complete saw minus those parts. She...
  8. Wilhelm

    AM Stihl MS341/361 coils - YES or NO ? (Your opinions)

    The dad of one of my coworkers owns a Stihl MS341 which just burned up a second ignition coil. The original factory coil got swapped out about 4 years ago, supposedly with an OEM part at the local Stihl dealer. Coworker asked for alternatives so I looked up eBay and there seem to be AM coils...