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  1. BonScott46

    Stihl ms261 clutch drum issue?

    Noticed there were a couple of chips out of one of the slots on the rim sprocket on my ms261 along with the chain getting tight and going slack (hanging about 1/4 inch off the bar) as I would pull the chain around by hand. At first I thought the rim sprocket was defective but the problem...
  2. Sig226y

    MS 261 Carb limiters

    I have a ms261 stihl without the m- tronic its a 2015 model, German built and its only got about 2 full tanks through it. I had it about a year now i guess. Had alot of snow here in east tn./ s.w. va. where i live and had some cedars come down. I been working on getting trees cut and noticed my...
  3. GCJenks204

    SOLD MS461 Arctics

    This is a saw that I sold once, shipped it away and then Canada Post / USPS handled it with great care. Case was damaged, currenly on its way to Randy to have the case half replaced and then will be available to be shipped to you. More updates to follow later in thread. PM with any...
  4. Tpagel

    FOUND IT Husqvarna 550xp or Stihl 261CM

    Guys, I'm wanting a Autotune/ M-tronic saw, I use 50cc saws the most so I was thinking these 2 saws. I guess a 562 would do as well but I handled a 362 at the dealer and just didn't seem that much smaller than my 372.... I have ran a regular 261 and it had more power than the stock 260 I have a...
  5. sfg.Foley

    Stihl MS 261 CM - Version 2.0

    Hi, i picked up my new 261 V2 today. Max RPM: 14600 No chain, bar or fuel. 4,9kg New clutch cover: 0,16 kg - seems to be very thin old clutch cover: 0,280kg I hope this is the right place to post it.. Lg
  6. michaelmj11

    WANTED WtB Canadian Stihl MS261 type II

    Any Canadian Stihl dealers (or kind Sameritains) looking to ship one of these to the US? I'd happily get on a waiting list if someone has one. (And pay you for your time)
  7. michaelmj11

    Disaster Recovery/Clean-up Saw

    I have been assured that you boys here are capable of giving a higher quantity of higher Quality responses than the people over on Arbor Site. So here goes. I just got finished doing 3 weeks of mission clean up work after the tornadoes that hit Mississippi on Dec 23. I have a MS 661, which...

    For all fellow Canucks SAWPARTS CANADA Year end clear-out Sale