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  1. jacob j.

    FOUND IT Stihl 661 Parts

    Good morning Men - I'm looking for some 661 parts and thought I'd try here before I buy from Evilbay or the general interwebs. I need a muffler and starter, both complete. I can also use a Max-Flow kit if someone has an extra. I have a lot to trade - Stihl, Husqvarna, Jonsered, McCulloch...
  2. jacob j.

    SOLD MS-661 for trade/sale

    Hey Guys- I'm putting my 661 up for trade or sale. It's a 100% stock saw that I bought as a project (off Ebay) that had been run over. The seller told me it had 10-12 hours on it, and I tend to believe that as there was no carbon build-up at all on the piston and very little in the cylinder...
  3. jacob j.

    WANTED Stihl MS-661 parts

    Hello OPE Men - I'm looking for a few MS-661 things: 3/4 wrap handle and elbow Max-Flow air filter cover (just the cover, I have tons of cages and filter elements) I'll also take a black cylinder cover if someone has one they've already dyed I have tons to trade or cash...