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  1. jacob j.

    WANTED Stihl 660 crankshaft

    Hey Guys - I need an OEM 660 style crank for the poly flywheel. I started a build only to realize that my case is for the newer crank with the poly flywheel. I got tons to trade and cash. Thanks!
  2. JB-PlantHeirloom

    Visual difference between Farmertec and Stihl trigger parts

    Visual difference between Farmertec and Stihl trigger parts. I saw a post asking about the quality of the latest kits. Well, I bought a clone MS-660 from someone on E-Bay. Towards the end of the two year square deal warranty it started to get very hard to start and run, so much so, I could only...
  3. jacob j.

    FOUND IT Stihl 066/660 Meteor cylinder

    Hi Guys- I'm looking for a new/used Meteor 066/660 jug for a custom project. I just need the jug. I have cash or lots to trade. Thanks!