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ms 362

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    MS 362 Air Filtration

    Hi everyone. In a round about way I ended up with a new MS 362. What am wondering is, has Stihl sorted the problems related to dust getting into the carb, I've seen posts regarding this, albeit old posts. If anyone has any advise on how these saws are now coping regarding dust getting...
  2. C

    MS 362 idle problem

    Hello everyone, I am new in this forum, My name is Christian, I am a climber arborist for Davey Tree. I re-build 2 MS 192C from broken saws, and now because of that i m doing the saw maintenance at the shop. So I have 2 questions for your guys: 1)We had a 362, who didn't work properly...
  3. Mastermind

    Mastermind Meets The New MS362C Type II

    Yeppers.......it's sitting right here on the bench. :)