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  1. J

    Zero turn broken any suggestions?

    I own a Kubota Z421 Komnander Pro with an FS730V motor and I recently started it up for the first time after it sitting all winter and i suspect I have two issues, first issue is that it won’t start it will just click, I push on the break and it slowley started (i’m guessing I need a new starter...
  2. Grayson_Everett

    What would cause the mower blades to stop

    I have a Jon Deere x540 and just replaced the pto clutch. While mowing g for over 1 hour the mower blades stopped. Now when I try to engage the blades you hear like they are trying but do not.
  3. LOMartin

    Residential Mower Recommendation Needed

    Living back near the city again, have a 1/2 acre to mow. I’m leaning toward a push behind, a sit on top just seems like overkill/expense. Neighbor swears by his (sit on top) 15 years of use. I just have never used anything other then a push behind or a tractor brush hog. seems Honda is...