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  1. Armbru84

    SOLD MMWS 3120 Cylinder and Piston

    Selling a ported 3120 P&C. Ported by Randy, saw made great power on the dyno and attached is its chart. Cylinder doesn’t have a decomp but the rest is all in there…rings, clips, pin, bearing etc. came of a running saw, just decided to go a different route on the saw. New setups for these aren’t...
  2. quattro90

    SOLD MMWS Jonsered 2253

    FS Jonsered 2253 with the MMWS treatment. The saw has less than 1 hr of runtime according to the dealer who updated the carb software in Sping 2019.if you’re not aware of this model it’s identical to the 550xp MK1 but just in red. $750 Shipped Paypal F&F to your door if you live in EST, CST, or...
  3. GCJenks204


    I will likely catch some flack for this but I am putting my MMWS Arctic 661 up for sale. The last couple weeks have been pretty expensive around here and instead of carrying a bunch of extra debt I am going to move this saw. The only wood it has seen is the few test cuts Randy did, essentially...
  4. Gravitas

    SELLING Makin' Space, Husky Evictions..ALL SOLD

    Too many fuggin' saws. Paypal F&F(preferred) or Goods and Services if you want to spend an extra 3%. Postal M.O., personal check if you care to wait, cash if picked up, whatever, I'm flexible. My no interest payment plan goes something like this, I don't charge any interest, you plan to pay...
  5. Elim


    - SOLD - Thanks opeforum.com!