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  1. Ethobling

    Chainsaw Mill Upgrade

    Hey folks. Hope you are well. I have a question, but first, a small amount of info on where I'm at... Recently, I purchased an Alaskan Sawmill (36") and a 462 for milling my own lumber. I didn't want to shell out the cash for a bandsaw sawmill, especially seeing how many are on backorder for...
  2. EbS-P

    Tuning a G660 for milling?s

    Hi Everyone, Yesterday I got my tac out of the package it’s been in for many months and finally checked my 2 year old G660 that I primarily use for milling. It was almost 90 out and and it was running 12800 rpm. I have not touched the carb since it arrived. I have probably 30-40 tanks...
  3. Semotony

    Milling blades @ auction..

    So these two are in the auction the 3rd of next monththis may be the thirty inch unit while this may be the 54"which I have plans to bid for.
  4. WoodsliverDan

    288xp milling

    I have a 288xp I would like to use for milling. My current dilemma is rather I should just use 36" bar with it, which won't max out my 36" Alaskan. Or if the saw would be able to run a 42" bar which would allow me to use the full 36" of mill. I am worried I will be asking too much of the saw.. I...
  5. czar800

    Milling a oak.

    I pulled out these logs a few months ago and have been slowly milling them. I'm down to the last log and realized that I haven't taken very many pictures.
  6. jb-chainsaws

    Turbomill Chainsaw powered swing mill

    Just posting to see if anyone else has a turbomill chainsaw powered swing blade sawmill, as I'm in the process of buying one and having it shipped from NZ this month. @Brewz do you know anyone on your little island that has one? As I think they originate from your neck of the woods ;) I'll do...