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jonsered 630

  1. Reveller Saws

    Wet carburetor gaskets

    I have a saw giving me fits, i have been up and down the list of possible fixes. My latest clue is regarding my carb gasket. I pulled it off and it's completely soaked with fuel, not a dry spot on it. Now in theory I would think that it should come in contact with SOME fuel, but it surprised me...
  2. CoreyB

    Calling all Jonsered Guru's for a 630 revival. Help

    Hey guys. I have come across a barn find. A Jonsered 630. I pulled the muffler and the piston looked great! Even still had a wet film! It has a Tillotson carb. Idk module yet but spark was only intermediate at best. Are there parts available for these? Are they even worth fixing up? How much...