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ignition coil

  1. Steelie90

    Stihl ms 440 and 044 with 461 coil?

    Need some help with coils. Working on a ms440 and 044 12mm, both need full rebuilds. P/c scored and bearings torched. Noticed both are running this 1128 1313A coil. Comes up as 461 coil? This an acceptable swap with oe flywheel? Are these limited coil? Preferred coil for a ms440 or 460?
  2. Lakeyboy89

    Help with modding 3120

    Hi all, I've reading and reading for weeks about sprucing up my 3120 (non EPA) I've collected all the bits I believe I need. Now I could just dow with some help putting it into action. The saw will mostly be used for milling, but occasionally felling/cross cutting of oversized stems. Milling...
  3. F

    WANTED Husky 285CD, Ignition Coil

    I am yust looking for an Ignition Coil with Bosch-Nr. 2 207 031 145 Shipping to Germany What's Your price
  4. M

    Stihl TS 420 kill switch to ignition coil

    I bought a Stihl TS 420 (2014 model) from a guy that said it only needs a new ignition coil. When I opened it to inspect, yep, he was right. In fact, the ignition coil was missing. Ordered a new ignition coil and although it is aftermarket, the supplier tells me that it is the correct one. My...