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    Stihl MS 180C dies in idle

    Hello, I have a Stihl MS 180C chainsaw. It starts fine and throttles fine as well. However if I were to leave it in idle, it eventually dies. I tried to increase the idle speed but the idle screw had no effect. In examining the carb, I see that the idle screw is not like a traditional screw that...
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    Chainsaw Brake Drag/Rub

    I have a used Craftsman 358351702 chainsaw. I opened up the clutch assembly and can see what looks like dark discoloration on the drum and clutch, plus some melted plastic on the chassis ("~12-1 o'clock" as viewed from the saw's right side) and on the chainsaw brake. I removed the excess...
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    MS 362 idle problem

    Hello everyone, I am new in this forum, My name is Christian, I am a climber arborist for Davey Tree. I re-build 2 MS 192C from broken saws, and now because of that i m doing the saw maintenance at the shop. So I have 2 questions for your guys: 1)We had a 362, who didn't work properly...