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husqvarna 550xp

  1. B

    SOLD 2016 mmws 550xp oe

    550xp mastermind work saw . Runs and oils great. I bought it new and sent it out for porting. Only reason for selling is to upgrade. $525 plus shipping
  2. WoodsliverDan

    Husqvarna 550xp pop up

    So, after doing some research and not finding much on making a pop up piston for the 550xp, I have decided to make one to try and post my results. After measuring the squish, (with gasket) and finding it to be .030" I have decided to turn .030" off the base of the cylinder and .020" off the...
  3. Josh2016

    Husqvarna 550xp Workshop Manual

    Hi All, am new so please forgive obvious errors. Talking of which - I made a beauty trying to get the clutch off a 550xp. Please don't say I should have used a piece of rope, hindsight is a wonderful thing & I feel a total ass. Yup, you guessed it - it feels like the con rod might be bust, the...
  4. Idahonative

    Echo Chainsaw Fun - 2016/2018

    I've been meaning to do some Echo comparisons for some time now. Got back yesterday from a 9 day camping trip which included some firewood cutting and general chainsaw fun. I was planning on posting this over at AS but I think I'll keep it here since anything said about Echo's pretty much...
  5. exCanuck

    If I Win the FREE Husqvarna 550XP on Friday, I Will...

    If I win the FREE Husqvarna 550XP this Friday, I am going to give it to the chain build off winner at http://chainsawrepair.createaforum.com/ when that's done. Oh wait, I am not allowed to win the FREE Husqvarna 550XP this Friday. What will YOU do if you win it?