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  1. K

    HELP! Poulan 245a handlebar

    Hi guys im looking for a handlebar for the poulan 245a, I have a 306a handlebar but in need of the bigger handlebar
  2. hughtho13

    044 Super Magnum

    I have a blown up 044 super magnum, I ordered a rebuild kit of a 044 but when I compared the old and the new I learned that the super has a 10mm piston pin and the new piston pin is a 12mm. I am looking for advice and any suggestions on where to go from here. I am very new to this field and...
  3. Huskyslinger

    Porting a JRed 670 (little help please)

    Hello to all, new to this site, so I acquired a Jonsered 630 that came with a 670 top end. someone had started the work and give up, quit or was just a little in over their head. This is what I have so far; Squish is .024"/.025" Ex 102 Trans 123 In 74 The exhaust...
  4. D

    Stihl 026 not running

    Hello. So I have a Stihl 026 that wasn't running right and after my tinkering isn't running at all. And is now in pieces. Little bit of info on my chainsaw experience. I have none. I am however mechanically inclined and I have taken an interest in this saw. Here's what happened with the saw...
  5. O

    Stihl 440 Four corner Seizure

    Hi guys! I have a question for the experts. I have a 440 that has had a few cylinder kits put on and the end result is the same, seizure. The two kits I've put on were both "Hyway Kit" the fist one was big bore and we replaced a seal when that rebuild was done. Ran 20 minutes and then seized...
  6. exCanuck

    Your Help Needed - POLL: Which do YOU Like Best?

    OPEwear.com got a special order from a pro poker player, and I wonder which really quick design I made is best. PLEASE VOTE.
  7. Agent Orange

    The Wood ID Thread ( or name this wood type )

    I'm nearly as green as they come at IDing trees. The younger trees may not share the same bark characteristics as their older counterparts, leaves may be down, and you may just be plain old "stumped". Post a picture and ask the question and let the pros of OPE help you ID your firewood. If...
  8. michaelmj11

    391 rebuild, HELP! Please?!

    Ok, the back story is really long, the short version is, I have this: . And I want this: . . But all I have to accomplish it with are these (plus the normal sort of carpentry tools): HELP?!? Does anyone have a workshop manual? And IPL?
  9. exCanuck

    BARN FIRE - Good Cause For Everyone to Back

    Kind Folks, I have set up a GoFundMe campaign to help @hoskvarna out after his total loss when his barn burnt down the other night. Please do what ya can. Oh, and help HLSupply spread the word about https://www.gofundme.com/em5nku58 on other forums and on your social accounts like YouTube...