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  1. Stump Shot

    PAST 2023 Northern Wisconsin GTG and races September 30th

    Already being asked when the next GTG will be, so I figured I best get on it and figure up a date. So far the date has been working well weather wise so I think it best to keep the same. -Will be having a firewood oriented GTG and races on Saturday September 30th, 8:00AM - evening -Breakfast...
  2. Stump Shot

    PAST 2022 Northern Wisconsin GTG and races October 1st.

    Will be having a firewood oriented GTG and races on Saturday October first. Come early stay late if you like. Some firewood cutting and splitting in the morning. Log cutting races in the afternoon. Bring your stock or ported firewood saw with round filed chain. All runs by grudge match...
  3. Stump Shot

    PAST 2nd Annual Northern Wisconsin Chain Saw Daze, Cancelled

    Well folks, looking at having another GTG this fall on the 26th of September. Come early, stay late and have a good time. CANCELLED
  4. exCanuck

    PAST New Way to List a GTG

    Please read this thread in the OPE FORUM FEATURES, under the GENERAL category, inside the SUGGESTION BOX forum: (You should glance periodically at GENERAL > SUGGESTION BOX > OPE FORUM FEATURES to see new farts we've been knockin' around.)...
  5. exCanuck

    Better Event Listings are Here!

    See the new Events button in your top navigation menu? Got a GTG, party, barn raising, build-off,race, competition, group hug, hockey game, or other "event"? Post it here. It'll automatically go into the new Events forum (under the General category). Some things, like Birthdays, will auto...