High Quality Chainsaw Bars Husqvarna Toys


  1. Yellowking86

    HELP! 56” Granberg with 66” bar

    Will a 394 run this bar through 30” wood? I also have a 395 would running dual power heads be better? I originally wanted a single 088 or 3120 but couldn’t find one. Would a single 120ish cc saw with an auxiliary oiler be better than two smaller saws?
  2. Crzybowhntr

    Pics of homemade chainsaw mills

    I am looking to make a chainsaw mill so I`d like to see some of the ways you have made them. Looking to make one that will take a 20"-32" bar. Any detailed pics would be much appreciated!
  3. CoreyB

    Granberg precision grinder (New Toy)

    Just got this in the mail and started playing with it. I got 4 chains sharpened this afternoon hopefully Friday I will be able to go test them out. Here is part one