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  1. Cerberus

    Have gone from crap to eth-free blends to pre-mix....hoping to learn a lil more about fuels

    The more I learned how bad poor-fuel was for 2-strokes the more adamant I became about ethanol-free-only but lately like 4-5wks now I've been using almost entirely pre-mix, starting w/ husqvarna's 95 oct and after that expense became hard to justify I settled on that $5 Home Depot "True Fuel" (I...
  2. Wilhelm

    Gasoline contaminated with Diesel for 2-stroke mix ???

    An acquaintance of mime has about 70 liters of gasoline that is "contaminated" with an rather unknown amount of Diesel fuel. He says it may be anything between 4-8 liters of Diesel on the full tank of 70 liters. Now, obviously he can not use this "mix" of uncertain ratio in his Diesel car nor...
  3. WoodsliverDan

    288xp fueling

    I have a anniversary edition 288xp I picked up, runs great, no issues, until it gets low on gas. I say this because when it gets down to less than 1/4 tank, the idle picks up speed, like its leaning out. The fuel filter/weight is free to move around, I've checked. Any ideas? Thanks, Dan